No Insurance?

Dental Savings Plan

Around 40% of Americans do not have Dental Insurance, and according to the CDC 19% of American children and 32% of adults have untreated dental cavities.

At Rock River Dental, it is our mission to make and keep dental care affordable and easy to access for those in our community, and the communities surrounding us. That is why we've implemented our Dental Savings Plan for those patients without dental insurance.

Our Dental Savings Plan is not insurance, but rather it is a membership-based plan that provides discounts on all dental procedures.  See below for cost and benefits.

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Benefit Premiums

Plan: Total Annual Cost:
Single $337 (savings of $463 off our normal fees)
Dual* $634 (savings of $966 off our normal fees)
Child** $307 (savings of $396 off our normal fees)

*The Dual Plan is for Husband/Wife or Domestic Partners in the same household only.

**The Child Plan is for children age 1-13.



Treatment:                                                                                                     Member Discount:

Diagnostic & X-Rays

Comprehensive Exam (New Patient/Initial Visit)                                        100%

2 Periodic 6-Month Exams                                                                                100%

1 Emergency Exam (Problem focused, 1 per year)                                      100%

4 Bitewing X-Rays (1 time per year)                                                                 100%

Periapical, First Film                                                                                            100%

Complete Series X-Rays or Panorex (1 every 3 years)                                  100%


Child Prophylaxis (2 cleanings/year)                                                               100%

Adult Prophylaxis (2 cleanings/year)                                                               100%

Fluoride (2 treatments/year, no age limit)                                                     100%

Oral Cancer Screening (2/year)                                                                         100%

Additional Cleanings per year                                                                           15%

Dental Sealants                                                                                                     15%

All Other Procedures

Fillings and Core Buildups                                                                           10%

Oral Surgery                                                                                                   10%

Root Canals                                                                                                    10%

Crowns                                                                                                            10%

Veneers                                                                                                           10%

Periodontics                                                                                                   10%

Dentures & Partials                                                                                       10%

Implants                                                                                                         10%

Teeth Whitening                                                                                           10%

Invisalign or Invisalign Teen (Full Treatment)***                                         $500 Off

Invisalign Express or Invisalign Lite ***                                                           $350 Off

***An Invisalign member must remain a plan member for the duration of treatment to retain discount plan benefits.

Compare Out-of-Pocket Fees

Plan Premium, Product, or Service Dental Savings Plan Membership Rock River Dental's Regular Prices Avg. Dental Insurance/AARP Costs
Annual Premium (Single) $337 $800 $667
Annual Premium (Double) $634 $1,600 $1,334
Deductible $0 $0 $50