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"I have been a patient of Rock River Dental about a year now; they’re very gentle. I appreciate coming here, it's been a good experience. I've been through a lot of dentists and I'm happy being here.

I'd give them 6 stars because of the people here and the way they treat me. I leave here without anxiety and I feel good about making the appointments."

-Dennis Mitchell of Fort Atkinson, WI

(actual patient of record)




"I have been a patient 3 years now. The reason that I chose this office was I was looking for a younger practice that would entail me to have the opportunity to have the more current, newer technology for dentistry; and that was really important to me. 


I would rate them a 5. because I think in every aspect, whether we're doing a simple cleaning, or we are taking care of a dead tooth or gum disease issues, and all those major concerns; I've just had every one of my needs met completely."


-Sue Waldmann of Jefferson, WI

(actual patient of record)




"I have been here since 2004. What makes RRD different is the whole experience that I get when I walk through the front door: from the smile on Courtney’s face all the way back to seeing the doctors.  


I would definitely recommend anyone to come here. Can I rate them more than 5? Can I go 5+5 and make it 10? Definitely 10 stars! I just love it here! I started coming here because my husband has a fear of going to the dentist, but he found Dr. Showalter, and we have been here ever since. We just love coming here! I would have my teeth cleaned every 3 months if I could!"


-Mickie Miller of Whitewater, WI

(actual patient of record)




"I can’t remember how long I’ve been a patient, 8 years maybe. I’ve always gone to Rock River Dental, they’re gentler, and I can trust them.


I’ve had a lot of work done; I thought once I would never go back to the dentist, but I keep coming back to RRD. Everything here gets 5 stars, the services, the staff, everything."


-Jill Smith of Evansville, WI

(actual patient of record)




"We started coming to Rock River Dental in 2009, so about 7 years now. The great care that Dr. Showalter and team takes in caring for us make this office stand out; everything is fully explained from the financial end right down to what’s actually going to be done in the mouth, so it’s just a great place to go.


I would give RRD 5/5 stars because coming to the dentist is never a pleasant experience, but I actually look forward to coming to Rock River Dental because they make it the best experience possible."


-David Haight of Whitewater, WI

(actual patient of record)




"I’ve been a patient of Rock River Dental just over 7 years. I think that the biggest difference is that we are truly treated like family here; and where we’ve gone in the past there hasn’t been a very personable connection with the staff there so I think that’s my biggest reason that we love coming here.


I would definitely give RRD 5+ stars just because we have been taken such good care of. My husband and both of my children come here as well and we’ve had nothing but good moments here."


-Gina Rocha of Eagle, WI

(actual patient of record)




"I've been a patient of Rock River Dental since 2011. The staff here always makes you feel very comfortable.


I would give RRD 5/5 stars because before coming to Rock River Dental, I had not gone to the dentist for 8 years. Now, I do not dread going to the dentist."


-Dylan Carstens of Fort Atkinson, WI

(actual patient of record)


"I have been a patient of RRD for 6 years.  What makes RRD different from other dentists: the friendly staff. The technology. The water pic to clean my teeth was new to me, but it helps make my mouth feel cleaner without the scraping like a normal pic.  


I would rate RRD 5/5 stars because the staff is always so friendly! Every time I walk in, to the time I leave, people take an effort to remember me, and ask about me. Makes me feel like family, not just a dentist."


-Fallon Kowalkowski of Johnson Creek, WI

(actual patient of record)


"I've been a patient for 2 years.  I feel comfortable the minute I walk in the door, and trust that I'm geting the best care that I need. I've felt no pain or discomfort, which is reassuring.


I would give RRD 5/5 stars because, I've never had a bad experience, or felt any pressure when it comes to my family's dental needs. They are all fantastic, not only with me, but with my children as well."


-Kim Nottestad of Fort Atkinson, WI

(actual patient of record)




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*Patients were given option to rate Rock River Dental from 1 to 5 stars, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.  All testimonials are in the words of the patients.